Spiritual Growth


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God wants each of us to grow in our knowledge of Him, but He doesn't force us. We have to decide we want to grow and then take steps to follow through. At GLOBAL we want to help you take these steps and walk them with you.

life in the vineyard

The Christian life is about a person, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the source of life and the author of the Christian faith (John 1:1-4). The focus of our faith is on a life-giving relationship that grows by faith. Everything around us will attack this life-giving relationship. With the help of another growing believer, this simple 30-day devotional will show you how God has used a simple metaphor to help us understand the simplicity of the Christian life.

Click here to download the Life in the Vineyard eBook! If you would like a hard copy, please stop by the Church.

Transformed along the journey

Transformed Along the Journey is a discipleship model based on the life of Peter. The goal is that every believer be transformed as Peter was...to go from an introduction to Jesus, to fully sharing in God’s mission.

Pick up your copy at the Church or Amazon.

tenacious discipleship

The purpose of this study is to help you become a tenacious disciple: a faith-filled, abiding, persistent, and obedient follower of Jesus who will be able to make tenacious disciples for Christ. We will apply a simple model based on the life of the Apostle Peter to accomplish this: Connect, Know, Equip, and Go.

This study is divided in to four books and is meant to be done with a mentor or a small group. If you would like to find a group or mentor to do this study with, please email Pastor Marcel.