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doing life together

At GLOBAL, we believe life transformation and spiritual growth happen best in a small group environment. It is in this warm setting that you can get to know the people in our church, learn more about the Bible, see the Bible lived out in others and feel the power of answered prayer.

LifeGroups are the center of the life of our Church. Just as cells are the building blocks of our physical body, Small Groups are the building blocks of our church Body.

  • The main purpose of LifeGroups is Bible application and doing life together in community. The Christian life is taught by example, just as Jesus taught his disciples as we walked through life with them.
  • Our LifeGroups meet at our Church Campus, homes throughout the community and Online. There are lots of options!
  • We offer a variety of LifeGroups to help meet individual needs based on where you are in life at this time. We have groups for adults, college singles and youth and even a Kid's Bible Club.
  • These groups typically meet from September through May and then take a break during the summer when a variety of classes are open to everyone during the week.

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If you have any questions about a specific group, please text or call the leader.

If you have any questions regarding Life Groups in general, please email