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world missions

MISSIONS is not an organizational task. Missions is a personal commitment that every believer makes to be a part of fulfilling God's ultimate plan: that people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation gather to worship at His throne.

Basically, Missions can be described as “Loving people and sharing Jesus with those that are beyond our personal reach.”

Why do we focus on Missions at GLOBAL Church?
Because we want everyone at our Church to Know-Pray-Give & Go.

KNOW: Know what missions is, who our missionaries are and how current events affect them and their ministries.

Knowing leads to PRAYER, but not just general prayer…Prayer with Purpose. Praying for each Missionary Family in regards to their health, finances and safety, situations in their country and so much more.

Next is GIVE:
In most countries, our missionaries are not allowed to work, so they depend on our support and that happens on the 2nd line of your offering envelope. Everything given on that line goes directly to them.

Last is GO:
Go when there is an opportunity, whether on a TIME trip for youth and college students or on a short-term Adult trip.

Everything changes when you are actually there, interacting with a missionary and seeing their work...That is why we would love everyone to go at some point!

If you are interested in information on an upcoming Adult Missions Trip, click here to email Janet O'Rear.

For information on TIME Summer Missions Trips for youth and college students, visit the website by clicking here.